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posted thu sep 18

Sep 18 Debbie Wasserman Schultz is really a REPUBLICAN MOLE!! (THAT'S why poll #s are so bad for Dems)

Sep 18 Language of the left and fixing America

Sep 18 ISIS recruitment jumps after obama speech.

Sep 18 single women tend to vote democrat, married women tend to vote GOP

Sep 18 Call the Policy Police (Short Term Memory) map

Sep 18 RE; thank policy map

Sep 18 Wink-wink! (The Goper Way) map

Sep 18 Why masons want us to go to War (Money money money money money) map

Sep 18 Just Can't Be Trusted..... (chicago) pic

Sep 18 Just Can't Be Trusted..... (chicago) pic

Sep 18 Buyers Remorse Democrat Style


Sep 18 Hse Reps voted for money for War (valp0)

Sep 18 Which party has had more wars and deaths? (DEMOCRATS) map

Sep 18 Thanks to the Policies (Of The British Banks) map

Sep 18 Quinn/Durban/Obama saved Me map

Sep 18 New Benghazi Bullshit (Duck and Cover Up!) map

posted wed sep 17

Sep 17 The Cover Up Continues pic

Sep 17 Republican kill peoples vote for money (valp0) pic map

Sep 17 A Word about Rauner (Celebrity Endorsement) map

Sep 17 Wide Area Systems Providers for Conference Rooms - Mics - Shop Online (chicago) pic

Sep 17 Oberwiess Kanobi has taught me well.... (Sign this...) map

Sep 17 Marty thinks I'm a Smarty! (Get my own Party!) map

Sep 17 Hey goper get your own Conspiracy! (I saw this one first!) map



Sep 17 Death Panel Rauner (Cash and Carry) map

Sep 17 Straight Jacket Talk (With a goper) map


Sep 17 As promised, entry #5 from the Porta Potty thread. (Nationwide.)

Sep 17 Only 48 days to Election Day

posted tue sep 16

Sep 16 re: Reaching Across The Great Divide map

Sep 16 Obama and Ebola (Fore!) map

Sep 16 Reaching Across the Great Divide with (A Greasy Link) map

Sep 16 "tsunami of democrats storming the booths"

Sep 16 FACT; Jay Carney Says (Fact... Fact) map

Sep 16 best freind wanted in the white house map

Sep 16 Illinois leading the way out of the recession! (Thanks Democrats!) map

posted mon sep 15

Sep 15 Republican Governors indicted (valp0)

Sep 15 There's a Conservative Wake Coming (In November) map

Sep 15 There Is A Conservative Wave Coming In November

Sep 15 You got that right (46385) pic map

Sep 15 Meet you on the Hill (Hillary's Hill) map

Sep 15 You Gotta Love It

Sep 15 Nationwide coronation scheduled. World holding it's breath.

Sep 15 Swirling the Bowl with Rauner (Warm Excrement) map

posted sun sep 14

Sep 14 City Workes Of Chicago Just Fucked Yourself (chicagoland)

Sep 14 Oh Porta Potty, Hey CountryFried, You are going to HATE THIS ONE!! (Nationwide.)

Sep 14 Reach a Rauner (Flip flopping his way to college) map

Sep 14 Quinn will win (Warts and all)

Sep 14 Rauner wants to kill (Proving Libturds Wrong Is Fun and Easy!)

Sep 14 re: valp0's claim that Republicans are killing our kids

Sep 14 Why Rauner wants to Kill (Wages) map

Sep 14 Republicans are killing our kids (valp0) pic map

Sep 14 Sick Children in Hospitals Around America (Chicago)

posted sat sep 13

Sep 13 RE:No more Dick Chaney is what u meant (valparaiso)

Sep 13 Where do gopers Live? (Radio land)

Sep 13 Hysterical Nancy Pelosi: "GOP endangers civilization!"

Sep 13 No more Dick map

Sep 13 RE:Gopers you wanna know why that hopey changy thang worked out so wel map

Sep 13 re: valp0's Bring back dumb and dumber

Sep 13 Change you can Believe in map

Sep 13 Obama must maintain his strong resolve pic

Sep 13 Conservatives, rednecks can relate to the honey boo boo show map

Sep 13 Syrian War! (Why use Bombs?) map

Sep 13 Bring back Dumb and Dumber (valp0) pic map

Sep 13 Liberalism Not Cool Anymore (Not Surprised) pic map

Sep 13 The real reasons Gopers hate America map

Sep 13 Gopers you wanna know why that hopey changy thang worked out so well? map

Sep 13 re:Nationwide sings for us! (Same old sad song)

Sep 13 As promised, entry #4 from the Porta Potty thread. (Nationwide.)

Sep 13 Oh Porta Potty, CountryFried, DHCMs, you just made a BIG MISTAKE! (Nationwide.)

Sep 13 Pissing et gémir, vraiment Nati"? (Pissing and moaning, really Nati'?) pic

Sep 13 War Talk (With a goper) map

Sep 13 Nationwide sings for us!

Sep 13 "Nationwide" is on Marx's side?

posted fri sep 12

Sep 12 Obama Knows all map

Sep 12 Obama's velcro shoes map

Sep 12 re: as promised nobody cares map

Sep 12 Warm Bowl of WMDs (Yes you are) map

Sep 12 "...but you are a goper and hate America."

Sep 12 Job here. 1200-1500 a week for 3 months, then unlimited ! map

Sep 12 Paid training available (1200-1500 a week) for a great job map

Sep 12 Great job with paid training (1200 a week) available now ! map

Sep 12 Looking to interview 70's & 80's chicago precinct captains

Sep 12 As promised Nobody Cares

Sep 12 As promised. Entry #3 from Porta Potty Thread. (Nationwide.)

Sep 12 valp0 screeches "Bush stole trillions!" (when Congress voted for Iraqi war)

Sep 12 Will Obama What Again? (See No ) map

Sep 12 Bush and Congress voted for war with Iraq (will obama even ASK Congress?)

Sep 12 16 female Senators demand the NFL condemn violence to women

Sep 12 the 16 female Senators

Sep 12 We've been waiting 2 decades for Global Warming to begin

Sep 12 Idiotin , the most common intenational phrase map

Sep 12 obama admits he has no idea what he's doing. (So he left to play golf)

Sep 12 re: most of the world has come to realize

Sep 12 We will make sure you will receive at least 1200$ a week while you are map

Sep 12 Paid training for a high paying job available map

Sep 12 I am sick of politicians!

Sep 12 Obomb'ers new brillent plan to fix everything map

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