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Hey Goper If You Don't Like Obamacare pic [xundo]

Another Black Man Killed for Not Having a Front License Plate (Cincinnati, OH) [xundo]

Few local results found. Here are some from nearby areas.

Did somebody say... (chi > ..."Dickhead obama"?) pic [xundo]

The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan did not end at noon on Jan 20, 2009 pic [xundo]

RE:Taxpayers hit hard by Bush's Iraq Adventure - (6 Trillion with a pic map [xundo]

Taxpayers hit hard by Bush's Iraq Adventure (chi > 6 Trillion with a "T") pic [xundo]

Did Somebody Say Libturd? pic [xundo]

Did somebody say "Mission Accomplished?" (chi > Is that a potato in that suit or are you) pic [xundo]

Re: A Trip Down Memory Lane (chi > Libturd has amnesia) [xundo]

A Trip Down Memory Lane pic [xundo]

Obama spent 9 trillion to bring us this!!! [xundo]

Did Somebody Say "bicycle helmet wearing pussy"? pic [xundo]

Thank You, valp0 pic [xundo] be heard map [xundo]

The Fence Test (chi > so true) map [xundo]

Police in UK have slain 55 in the line of duty. (chi > Over the last 24 years) pic [xundo]

It's Not Olivia map [xundo]

Republicans:Still in Animal Mode (chi > valp0) pic map [xundo]

As Long As We Keep the Memories Alive pic [xundo]

Jon Stewart is Running for President Event (chi > online) pic [xundo]

See how propaganda works on the ignorant, fearful (chi > virl voter?) [xundo]

Who is President from 2009 to 2015 and what happened then? pic [xundo]

This happened late in 2006. (Amnesiaville) (chi > Now we lose 70,000 businesses year!) map [xundo]

Democrats Have to Explain How Are they Different From Socialists pic [xundo]

Difference between democrat and socialist pic [xundo]

Arrest Obama and his minions, give 'em a fair trial (chi > then) [xundo]

Who was President in 2008, and what happened then? (chi > Amnesiaville) pic [xundo]

Gopers Digging for Baby Parts (chi > Big Baby Parts) [xundo]

More businesses closing than opening every year since 2008! (chi > Feels good to be a democrat!) map [xundo]

The Democrats stand for everything deviant and evil [xundo]

I want to lower my house TAXes. Please reply if you can do it. map [xundo]

I want to lower my house TAXes. Please reply if you can do it. map [x