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Righteous Ones

Lovers of Money

Spamual Encounters (Chicago Area)

Guys with Good Sex (I salute you) (CHI)

55 I don't do black anymore either. 55 (Boycot)

Thigh high pic

Watch out Los Angeles!

28 Why is it an emergency when Israel FINALLY retaliates? 28

42 Joke of the day 42 (Nigs in Heaven)

Thigh High pic

Re:Of Chicago white women loves Black men (White Trash Postin Hate) pic

His three sons. . . . . pic

48 i love ebony ladies 48

Re: Put the hate away. wtf - 44 (I agree 100%)

Cunt is as cunt does (No matter where she hides)

RE: Public Pensions

Apparently you ladies forget that it's thigh high thurs. pic

44 Put the hate away. wtf 44

Can I buy real Cuban Havana Cigars now?? pic

I don't do black anymore

54 To all of those defiling the name of Bozo, a respected Chicago Icon 54

33 Jesus Rules. No ? JOTSOG 33 (Universe)

Apparently you ladies forget that it's thigh high thurs. (all of shitcago)

Racial Prejudice in America!

Black lives matter... pic


Re: Guys would you have sex with any one that looked like this? - 35

thigh high thurs (x-mas style) pic

234 ! !ROCKIN' ELF! ! 234 (chicagoland) pic

Absolute? (The Earth) pic

what does teabagged mean? (afternoon tea)

25 What is a golden shower?Is it cold? 25 (west)

Help stop the spread of giant brown rats pic

mexicans throw bottles at CPD (Montrose Beach)

drunk mexican cab driver injures man then flees pic

Marc Trestman and Jay Cutler (Comisky Park) pic

Jesus is the reason for the season! (Atheists Every where ) pic

re: what the hell is all of this?

Racism in America? pic

38 What the hell is all of this? 38

Rant rant rant ......Craigslist sucks .....

70 CAPITALONE is full of Bull 70 (northwest burbs)

46 7 Principles of KWANZAA 46 (Black Ghetto) pic

70 my capitalone account 70 (chicago)

Black men do not like White bitches (white bitches are lame)

The End Times

His Riches


59 Radio has never been this awesome 59 (Chi) pic

Don't Chicago white women date black men anymore? pic

31 America... Home of the pussy 31 (NWI)

100 Cutler?!?!?!?!?!? 100 (Dream World)

64 Message to Sony and N. Korea 64 (a theater near you)

Re: Samuel L. Jackson (white trash)

39 Samuel L Jackson 39 (Chicago)

Re: Mayor Rahm One and Done (chicagoland) pic

Liberalism in Ruins pic

Clausen over Cutler

48 The Two Biggest Losers In Chicago! 48 (joliet) pic

I beez gettin fine azz white bitchez pic

62 How to succeed 62

RE: Cunt yet again and for all time (hopes she keeps on hiding)

RE: Castro pic

48 Jay Cutler Benched 48 (joliet) pic

Re: Castro

re: twinks & black tops

60 Castro 60 (Cuba)

Christmas Joke of the Day!

Re:Don't Chicago white women date black men anymore? (rapetown) pic

Joke of the Day!

Derrick's New T-Shirt Statement (Ghettotown) pic


Bring back Erotic Services so Personals can be good again! (All over)

Prayer for help

RE: What happened to Independent Thinkers?

RE: I Want a Tug Job from a Married Man

Nothing left, need help. No food, nowhere to turn (630) pic

RE: Say My Name pic

Re: i want a tug job from a married man (Wrong forum)

Re: Pissing Away Tax Dollars (Hmmm,)

45 Rahm Emanuel 45 (chicago) pic

a little snapper wednesday (brookfield) pic

Knowledge of Truth

Say my name

Joke of the Day!

RE:Rip off Midas Homewood (Homewood,Il)


Is Today ASH Wednesday ??? (LaLa Land)

"The Donald" Finally makes sense! (Wingnut Idiots) pic

Laura Ingraham Says "Put A Body Cam On The President,"

Treat your kids this holiday. pic

40 Islam, the religion of peace. 40 (DTI)

I'd like to pay a Blessing forward! ❤️ (chicagoland)

Climate Change, the Carbon Cycle and Politics - pic

3 in Australia, 144 In Pakistan, News Skewed?

I'm sorry ladies, but I have high standards pic

re:Another beheading

RAVE! Obama has gas under $3 a gallon! pic

re:Another beheading

Re:Men of Chicago

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