Psychic Medium Intuitive (Chicago)

Psychic Readings by Kelcy!

I am a Psychic Medium, and have been doing readings for over 10 years and have helped many people including my mentor Asia, an international psychic an experienced Psychic of over 30 years!

I can help you to reconnect or get closure with a deceased loved one as well as provide insight to your future, past, career, romance, finances, etc.

Call to schedule your reading today!

I am available by appointment via Phone: (808) 745-0345 or respond to this post to email me.

**** Note: You must leave me a voice message including your first name, phone#, type of reading you want and your availability. I will get back to you within 24 hours. I DO NOT RESPOND TO SPOOFING TEXTS asking me for a code to validate authenticity ****

Readings by appointment only.
PAYMENT IS DUE PRIOR TO READING! If more time is needed to continue your reading, you will need to schedule another appointment with me after your scheduled reading has been completed.


Visa, Mastercard (Fees apply)
pay pal (Fees apply)

Venmo, cash app, money gram, Zelle

Standard Rates by cashapp, Venmo, Zelle:

$100 full reading (1 hour)
$50 mini reading (30 mins)
$35 sample reading (15 mins)

Credit card fees and Rates Breakdown:

3.5%+.10 fee per transaction.

Full Reading (1 hour) - $103.63
Mini Reading (30 mins) - $51.85
Sample reading (15 mins) - $36.33

Pay pal fees and Rates Breakdown:

3.49% + $.49 per transaction

Full Reading (1hour) - $103.98
Mini Reading (30 mins) - $52.24
Sample Reading (15 mins) - $36.71

***Sorry, no free readings or one free questions are offered. All readings are kept clean and professional. I reserve the right to immediately terminate any session that does not comply with this and no refund will be given. I also reserve the right to terminate future readings if payment is not made prior to a reading or if there is a history of credit card charge backs after a session. ***

(The following reviews are based off of clients I've read for and have submitted to me to post)


Many years ago she did a psychic reading and I was speechless at what she told me because everything she had said was true. I was so shocked because I was thinking to myself "how did she know that?" Thank you Kelcy for that psychic reading. I would definitely call her for another reading soon.

~ CGR, Hawaii

To those who believe that mediums like Kelcy can tell you things about the past, loved ones gone before and what the future may hold Kelcy provided a lot of surprises.
My mother who is 88 and still alive, Kelcy described my mother’s upbringing to a tee. This aspect of was 100% spot on. As my mother was treated like a princess being the only daughter.
Kelcy also indicated that my father who died before I got married is very proud that I have a daughter and son.
Kelcy also mentioned we are all surrounded by forces in the universe and you will get in return what you put into life. I believe that there is a force and that sometimes this can wash over you for both good & bad.
Kelcy is one of kind and I’m truly grateful for enlightenment, understanding and empathy towards all people around her.
You opened my eyes such wonderful information.

~ Your friend from Australia. Name Withheld

There are times in my life where I struggle to make decisions, times where I feel regret because I think that the decisions I have made in the past were the wrong ones. There are times where I have found myself at a crossroads, and questioning what path I should take. Kelcy has been able to provide me with the guidance and reassurance that I needed. She was able to foresee a future love interest in my life and describe him with great detail. She was able to tell me about my grandmother who I was very close to. She told me that my grandmother is always watching over me and my children. Sometimes we just need a little reassurance to get us over a hump or when we doubt ourselves. Kelcy is amazing in being able to provide that!! I am so thankful for her guidance in my times of need.

~ KL, Hawaii

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