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I'm a new filmmaker. I primarily shoot music video right now, but I'm looking to venture into small film productions. Like most filmmakers todays, I'm trying to build my brand and Youtube channel. If you're anything like me, you know this isn't easy to do by yourself. Like most new filmmakers, I follow a lot of seasoned filmmakers on Youtube. What I've noticed from a couple of them is that they seem to have a small network of photographers and filmmakers that work together to produce projects, content, blogs, videos, etc. So I was looking for some like minded newbies that would be interested in doing something similar. We can simply network and work together to produce youtube content, passion projects, and paid gigs. Ultimately, I'm looking for a small group of people to that I can work with to help build each others brands. So if you free most evenings and weekends, you're looking to get the ball rolling on your filmmaking career, and you looking to build a small little group of like-minded filmmakers... Please reach out to me and less talk. You don't need a whole lot of specialized film equipment but you should have a relatively good quality camera.
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