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Business Loans: Business Financing from A to Z!

This is Steve Downing in Clearwater, Florida, with West Valley Finance:
West Valley Finance, LLC - NMLS #149566, Phoenix, Arizona

Small businesses must have access to capital.

Tight budgets, payroll issues, unexpected expenses, seasonality, inventory management, advertising/marketing and expansion needs are just a few of the reasons why.

We are here to help you fund your business.

My manager, Ed James, is the Founder of our company. Ed holds an MBA and has 30-years of experience in the world of Business Financing.

We close Business Loans. Every week. And, we can and will close yours!

Advanced Business Financing

1) Equipment Loans

2) Inventory Financing - Asset-based loans secured by your inventory

3) Accounts Receivable Financing - Asset-based loans secured by your receivables

4) Purchase Order Financing - Acquire the cash needed for order fulfillment - up to $20MM

5) Invoice/Factoring Funding - We will purchase your invoices, providing immediate working capital.

6) Leasing - Combine and simplify your (multi-vendor) Equipment, Software & Title Vehicle payment schedules under one, Master Lease Line of Credit. We offer custom leasing programs to fit the dynamic needs of our customers.

7) Working Capital Loans
- Debt Restructuring
- Increase Inventory
- Partnership Buyouts
- Expansion/Renovations

8) Term Loan or Credit Line: $25K to $500K starting at 7.99% with fixed, monthly payments:
- Credit Score Above 600
- Minimum $150,000 Annual Revenue and Currently Profitable
- Minimum 1 Year Time In Business, No Bankruptcies trailing 2 Years

9) Commercial Loans: $200K - $50MM
- Mergers, Acquisitions
- Marketing, Advertising, Special Projects
- Secured Lines of Credit (secured by stocks or other securities)
- Commercial Real Estate

10) Merchant Cash Advances - If the vast majority of your business income is via credit cards, and if your business needs cash, FAST, Merchant Cash Advances can make sense: application is easy, funding is fast and payment terms are flexible.

Repayment is made as a percentage of your daily sales, so, on a slow day, you pay less.

Merchant Cash Advances are the FASTEST way to get Business Funding:
- Up to $250K in 3 to 5 days - sometimes the SAME DAY!
- Minimum 3 months Time In Business
- Minimum $5,000 Monthly Credit Card Volume
- Easy Application (No Credit Reports, No Tax Returns)


Whatever your Business-related funding needs are, we can do it!

We will get you the best funding possible, in terms of principal, rate and term, commensurate with your financial metrics, your business profile and the quality of your projects.

We close loans. Every week. And, we can and will close yours!


Steve Downing
West Valley Finance
Clearwater Beach, Florida

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