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If you are wondering what your business is worth and how to start the process of selling it, let us help. We are a boutique M&A consulting firm. I have 14 years of experience in mergers and acquisitions. The first six years of my career I spent helping business owners sell their companies. The last eight years I've spent on the investor side, investing in and acquiring small businesses all across the country. The biggest takeaway from that experience is that business owners, especially small business owners, need more help than they're getting and better help.

Typical pitfalls I've seen:
- Hiring a real estate agent to sell your business. Real estate and business are two separate animals.
- Hiring a broker for whom business brokerage is a second career. You want as much experience as you can get.
- Hire a business broker whose idea of marketing your business is one paragraph on BizBuySell.com.
- Hiring a "national" or "international" brokerage firm because of their size. These shops can be hit and miss. Some of their brokers are good. Others fail to return phone calls or pass the work off to a college intern (I wish I were kidding).
- Hiring someone without experience buying businesses to help sell your business. How do you put yourself in the mind of the buyer if you've never been a buyer?
- Hiring someone who doesn't have a firm understanding of the legal process and documentation. Lawyers help with this but there are business items hidden in these documents too. Don't miss out.

Your business is your life's work. This is a big decision. We offer free consultations. If you want to work with us, that's great. Otherwise, I can refer you to other proven professionals.

**Please note I am only taking one or two clients at a time. Many business brokers and advisory consultants take on dozens of clients at once and have little time and energy to focus on each. We're different by design.**

Graham Gilbert

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