NEW Cordless CHARGEABLE Shoulder Heating Pad with Vibrating Massager (Chicago)

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condition: new
make / manufacturer: Comfytemp
model name / number: K9223
* NEW-in-Box * Comfytemp Cordless CHARGEABLE Shoulder Heating Pad w/Vibrating Massager * SOLD OUT ITEM! * A Highly Rated Industry Rated Brand by Good Housekeeping * 5-Star Review Performance * Safe and Functional Graphene Heat Technology * Target Shoulder Pain Relief * Fully Cordless, Chargeable & Portable *

Target Shoulder Pain Relief: Shoulder Arthritis, Shoulder Fatigue, Shoulder Ache, Shoulder Sports Injury

Shoulder Heating Pad with Massage, Cordless Heated Shoulder Brace with Battery for Shoulder Pain Relief, Shoulders Massager with Heat, Auto-Off, for Rotator Cuff Pain, Muscle Pain, Arthritis * 3 Heating Modes * 3 Vibration Modes * Safety Features *



-Target Shoulder Pain Relief
-Hands-Free, Cordless Comfort for Fully Independent Safe Use
-3 Different Vibration Modes
-Powerful, efficient and long lasting 5Volt 5000 mAh Battery Pack with Charging Cable (6 sessions per charge on low heat)
-Fully Cordless and Rechargable Independent Unit
-Built-in Graphene Heater Technology (what is graphene heating, SEE BELOW)
-3 Heating Modes: Lowest - temperature range 40℃/104℉ to 50℃/122℉. Medium - temperature range 50℃/122℉ to 60℃/140℉. Highest - temperature range 60℃/140℉ to 75℃/167℉.
-30-second Quick Heat
-30 minute Auto-Shut off option
-Ergonomic Easy-Touch Recessed Buttons
-Easy-To-Wear and Adjust
-Unique Design for Best Fit
-Fully Cordless, Chargeable & Portable
-Easy to wear and adjust
-Cordless (Portable) Heating Pad with Massager - Hands free design for daily shoulder relief
-Unique Lightweight Splicing Design
-Designed for ALL body types
-Dimensions: 31"-34" x 9" x 16" (see sizing details in pictures section)
-Gray Color


TARGET SHOULDER PAIN RELIEF: Comfytemp shoulder massager fits both left and right shoulders, and it's custom-designed for shoulder joints, provides ultra-comfy hot therapy for the shoulder joint, helps to relieve soreness caused by the frozen shoulder, torn rotator cuff, dislocation, sprain, strain and bursitis.

CORDLESS HEAT AND MASSAGE WHEN AND WHERE YOU NEED: The Rechargeable heated shoulder wrap is equipped with a 5V 5000mAh rechargeable battery and the battery can be used 6 times on low settings. Instead of staying near the outlet all the time, you could get shoulder relief in the office, at home, while traveling, or after sport, and enjoy the freedom of movement.30mins auto-off safety feature to prevent excessive heating and save energy.

3 HEAT SETTINGS & 3 MASSAGER MODES: Comfytemp cordless shoulders heat pad is a built-in Graphene heater, fast heating in 30 seconds. The heated shoulder support offers 3 heat settings, Low, Medium, and High, to meet your different temperature demands, and delivers 3 soothing massage modes to help further alleviate the soreness and achieve extreme comfort. Besides, we strengthen the fixed motors to prevent displacement.

UNIQUE SPLICING DESIGN FOR BETTER FIT: The heat shoulder wrap adopts the splicing design, specially designed according to the shoulder radian to make it fit better. Made of super soft velvet fabric for close touch in a comfortable manner. And it's ergonomically designed to fit different sizes. The strap can be adjusted in length, so it's perfect for any body shape.

IDEAL GIFT CHOICE: The shoulder massage with heat is a perfect health gift choice for family and friends for any occasion


Heating demands for the coldest winter from December to February is a life concern for everyone. However, not just indoor heating, people nowadays pay more attention to mobile heating. What are those mobile heating products? Is the heating effect good enough? Go ahead and read this article.

In the past years, we all used to warm up our body with electric blanket during the coldest month. The electric blanket uses resistance wire to generate energy, the human body can feel warm quickly and directly, but it will damage the body for a long time, while the graphene heating blanket uses a graphene diaphragm to generate heat, and the heating temperature is uniform for the infrared light waves can keep a stable temperature range, better use than electric blankets.


The basic principle of the traditional electric blanket is to arrange the flexible electric heating wire with the insulation performance up to the standard in the flexible blanket body. When using the blanket body, the blanket body laid on the bed, and the person lies on it. The temperature rises to achieve the heating effect. The far-infrared carbon fiber electric blanket has a health care function. The carbon fiber heating avoids the generation of electromagnetic fields, there is no electromagnetic wave, and the far-infrared radiation rate is high. Among them, the far-infrared rays of 2~18μm, which are beneficial to the human body, reach more than 85%, and the heat is outward in the way Disperse, have a health care effect on the body.


With the advantage of the production process, graphene heating materials have been widely used in human body wear and health care industries, and a variety of heating products for different body parts have been derived, such as graphene heating belts, graphene heating eye guards, graphene heating neck protectors, graphene heating wrist guards, graphene heating elbow pads, graphene heating knee pads, graphene heating scarf, graphene heating ankle pads, graphene heating hand warmers, graphene heating foot warmers, graphene heating pillows, etc.


Undoubtedly, mobile electronic devices have made everyone accustomed to a mobile-first lifestyle. For example, we tend to work or study on the sofa, watch a TV show or Youtube on office work, subways. Our kids have to attend classes in the classroom, etc., all these common mobile ways thus triggered people’s consumer demand for mobile heating products. Recently, graphene heating products have been sold on Amazon and other major e-commerce companies, especially in Europe and the United States, occupying a part of the audience market, obtaining higher sales, and being enthusiastically sought after by consumers. With the help of the upgrade of power supply, household heating products have therefore ushered in the transformation of mobile heating. As a kind of heat conduction material, graphene uses graphene carbon fiber heating to achieve low-voltage heating, with only 5V power supply voltage to power it.

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