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Are you currently fighting a criminal charge and need legal representation? The Law Offices of Tania Dimitrova, LLC is here to help you beat the charges against you. Our firm has extensive litigation and trial experience working up criminal cases--including experience through working with the Cook County Public Defender's Office located at the main criminal courthouse--26th Street and California. Our main goal is to ensure that your rights are protected during your interaction with police officers and to assist you in navigating through the complex legal world if you find yourself facing either felony or misdemeanor charges.

In order to address these various issues, our experienced lawyers begin by evaluating the specific circumstances surrounding your case so that they can determine if Police Officers had articulable probable cause prior to detaining you and searching your property. If Police Officers did not follow proper protocol, including searching your personal property without your consent and without have probable cause to search, then and contraband discovered from this "illegal search" will likely be suppressed and your case will be dropped.

In doing criminal defense, our main concern as attorneys is not whether a crime has been committed--rather --if a crime has been committed, how are police officers able to tie this specific crime to you/the person of interest.

Furthermore, if a crime has been committed and there is a valid belief that the person being detained/arrested is the person responsible for committing the crime, we need to begin looking for ways to quash/supress certain evidence that points to the defendant's guilt. If successful, many of the key items of evidence the States Attorney wishes to use at trail will be suppressed and can assist us in obtaining a not guilty verdict.

I would like to illustrate a perfect example of Police Misconduct:

Police are looking for a killer. They stop Tommy for rolling through a stop sign. Tommy is also Mexican and drives a Chevy with dark limo tints. Tommy produces a valid license and registration to police and is waiting on his traffic ticket. However, Police are more concerned with the contents of the car and ask Tommy to pop the hood of his trunk. Tommy does as is told and opens the hood. The hood reveals a bloody t-shirt that looked like the tshirt wore by the latest murder victim. Tommy is taken into the station and charged with murder.

However, it is important for lawyers to review the circumstanced under which Tommy concented to opening the hood of the vehicle. Tommy was not provided with proper Miranda warnings. If Tommy was coerced into opening the hood by police telling him things like, "well beat you if you don't, we will deport your family if you don't" etc. Then Tommy was coerced/forced and an argument to suppress the bloody shirt will be made.

Police did not have probable cause in believing that Tommy was the murderer in this scenario and did not have probable cause to search the vehicle for a bloody shirt when the stop was nothing more than a mere traffic citation. Thee certain circumstances of this even may provide attorneys with the tools (including through filing motions) to beat charges against Tommy stemming from the uncover of the bloody shirt in hid vehicle hood.

These are just a few examples of cases we handle. In addition to those mentioned above, we also handle the following:

-attempted murder
-armed robbery
-criminal sexual assault
-criminal sexual abuse
-criminal sexual assault to a minor
-drug trafficking
-possession of a controlled substance
-drug manufacturing
-drug induced homicide
-identify theft
-aggravated assault
-aggravated assault with a weapon
-unlawful possession of a weapon / firearm
-reckless discharge of a firearm
-driving under the influence (DUI)
-driving while intoxicated (DWI)
-Aggravated Unlawful Use of a Weapon (Unlawful Use of a Weapon by a Felon)
-Residential Burglary
-Home Invasion
-Violation of Probation
-possession of a stolen motor vehicle

...you name it, we have handled it. Our prices are affordable and may time we can set you up on a payment plan. Call 312-488-9529 today for a Free Case Evaluation

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