Digital Juice Miniburst 256 3-Point Lighting System - $300

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The MiniBurst 128 / 256 3-Point Lighting System from Digital Juice is useful when portable, dimmable bright light and minimal heat are priorities. The three LED lights in this compact kit deliver an equivalent of 500W of tungsten power, while still providing a bright, long-lasting lighting that is needed in a complete, portable lighting solution for a photo or video project. This versatile, cool-running lighting system works for everything from talking head interviews and product shots in confined spaces to large scale productions in a studio environment.
The MiniBurst 3-Point Lighting System includes 2 MiniBurst 256 LED light fixtures and a MiniBurst 128 LED light fixture along with a power supply adapter, battery, battery charger, car charger adapter, diffusion/warming filters, and a mini ball head for each light. Three lightweight light stands are also provided as is an attractive compact deluxe carry bag so that you can easily transport and store your lights and stands when not in use.

The high-output, portable LED lights with 100W (128) and 200W (256) tungsten-equivalent outputs are Daylight (5600K) balanced and powered by industry-standard Sony NP-F type rechargeable Lithium-ion batteries. They can also be directly powered from an electrical outlet with the provided 120 VAC power supply. Each light is also provided with an on-board dimmer switch to vary the light intensity as needed. The MiniBurst lights can run for over 6 hours on a standard 7.4V Sony NP-F type rechargeable Lithium ion battery (4000 mAh pack or greater for the MiniBurst 256, 2100 mAh pack or greater for the MiniBurst 128).

The battery charger unit for each light includes a dock, a 12 VDC adapter, and an AC power cord. While charging, the light on the charging unit will show red. When the battery is fully charged, the light will be green and the charger will switch into maintenance mode. Leaving the unit plugged in maintenance mode will not damage the battery.

The MiniBurst 128 LED light provides 100W, while each MiniBurst 256 provides 200W of bright, dimmable tungsten-equivalent power. Combining 3 lights on your subject means you can have a complete coverage for key, fill, and back lighting for everything from product shots to interviews and more. With a maximum height of 6' and a maximum weight capacity of 12 lb, the 3 provided aluminum light stands are both portable and durable enough for most shooting environments. Mounting a MiniBurst light fixture to a light stand is as easy as attaching the LED fixture to the included mini ball head accessory and then sliding the receiving end of the ball head onto the mounting stud on the top of the stand and tightening the knob. The stand can then be adjusted to the required height.

Each stand is provided with its own soft cloth carry bag to keep it clean and protect it from damage during transport and storage in the deluxe carry bag.

The MiniBurst lights can be used both on the provided stands and as on-camera lighting, depending on your needs. Because of their light weight, minimal heat, and long-lasting rechargeable battery use, these dimmable lights are suitable when shooting on the go or in situations where power and AC capabilities are unknown or unreliable. They are especially useful in tight spaces like the inside of a car and provide just the right amount of light to simulate ambient-lit talent when shooting through the windshield at night.

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