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Flagged every time I post it so it must be Real and not Fake....gopers like fake.
"Those who are not Ammosexuals seldom get exposed to the gun virus, even though we often socialize with strangers who attend guns shows like bath houses, but still we the straights die from second handgun smoke. Most deadly. Gun strikes without warning, attacking the immune to bullets systems, some victims survive but are never whole again. The gun epidemic seems to surge when ever a chicken headed American realizes they are very afraid of reality and turn to a loaded crutch. Ammosexuals openly flaunt their rights in our faces, cramming bullets down our throats when Mexican women won't sex them out of their Republican tree houses. The Surgeon General has declared that Ammosexuality is the root cause of gun ownership. The most vulnerable to Gun AIDS virus are motorcycle riders as they already have demonstrated poor judgement in riding a motorcycle. Vroom. Vroom........ass massage! Science has determined by trial and error that motorcycle riding breaks down the rider's ability to empathize with non riders as their journey on dirt roads is a very personal one.VRRRROOOOM! ....Rectum Ratteld! The only contact points on the cycle are the palms of the hands, gun holders, the arches of the feet, ideal heroin entrances, and the taint.....goper's core. Another entrance way especially on a Harley. Motorcycles absolutely can be made so quiet they purr like a kitten, but then reality would hit the rider when they no longer find love on a bike. We as a civilized nation must now declare war on the virus that has only one cure. Complete annihilation of the domestic gun and no more Harley masturbation on our highways.
From now on no gun is allowed in the hands of anyone within fifty miles of a city with a population of 10,000 or more. In this way heroin demanding weapons, loan sharks requiring weapons and paranoid white Rectal Rumbler Riders in need of weapons can tootle around Fox Lake smiling at GI Joe's imaginary killers with love in the hearts. Not like today with a gun firmly placed where Obama couldn't find it, way up to the Sir Rupert Murdoch gland."
Rectal Rumblers Unite!
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