Earth Board Game with Custom Inserts - $35 (Chicago)

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This is a version of the board game earth with custom 3D printed inserts so that there is no more setup time required to play and clean up is also minimized! You can just take the card and component holders out of the box and make sure they're within reach of each player. No more taking components out of plastic bags, dumping them on different parts of the table trying not to mix them, only to have to put them all back in a bag at the end of the game.

Game description:

Over millions of years of evolution and adaptation, the flora and fauna of this unique planet have grown and developed into amazing life-forms, creating beautiful symbiotic ecosystems and diverse habitats. It's time to create your island: a 4x4 tableau of self-supporting growth, expansion and supply where even the cards you don't need become compost for future gain.

OVERVIEW: Earth is an open-world engine builder for 1 to 5 players with simple rules and countless strategic possibilities. With its encyclopedic nature and a near-infinite number of tableau combinations, every single game will allow you to discover new synergies and connections, just as our vast and fascinating world allows us to do! Players will create a self-supporting engine of growth, expansion, and supply by drafting from a deck of over 364 unique cards and strategically placing them in their tableau.

STARTING THE GAME - The game begins before the starting hand has even been drafted. Players will receive an Island, Climate, and Ecosystem card during set-up. Using these double-sided cards, each player sows their strategy by selecting one side of the card to place face-up in their play area. The combination of these three cards introduces asymmetry to the game by providing variable starting resources, bonus abilities, and unique end-game scoring objectives.

ON YOUR TURN - On their turn, the active player will choose one of four different actions, reaping their major benefits, while all other players welcome the minor benefit. Subsequently, all players activate any cards on their player-board, and in their tableau, which match the color of the chosen action. Players continue taking actions, arranging their Island, sowing Plants and developing Terrains to attract elusive Fauna, and unlock the scoring bonuses of diverse Ecosystems.

TRIGGERING END GAME - Once a player has added a sixteenth card to their 4×4 tableau, they earn a completion bonus and trigger the end of the game. All players will tally the victory points they earned from completing Ecosystems, reaching Fauna objectives, Composting cards, gaining Plant cubes and Growth pieces, for their Plant and Terrain values and for Events played. The player with the most victory points wins!

Game Playtime: 45 minutes - 1 hour (after one game of learning how to play).
Number of Players: 1-5

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