2013 Toyota Prius Plugin (plug-in, plug in) - $9,995

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condition: excellent
cylinders: 4 cylinders
fuel: hybrid
odometer: 166000
title status: clean
transmission: automatic
California car, zero rust.
Purchased in CA in Nov. '22 and drove home to U.P.
Garaged Winters.

Selling because I bought an Audi Q7 AWD, better suited for Yooper winters.

- 165k miles.
- Runs Excellent.
- All 3 Batteries Functioning Normally: Plugin/ Hybrid/ Starting.
- Looks Excellent in/out. Thorough detail pre-sale.
- Clean Title in-hand in my name: not "salvage", no BS.
- New Brakes all around.
- New Catalytic Converter.
- Includes complete set of Snow Tires/Wheels, greatly improving safety if you plan to drive in winter conditions.
- Full Size spare.
- 2 keyfobs.

Driven strictly on premium fuel, equals cleaner intake/exhaust systems.

This is a PLUG-IN. The 1st 10-14 miles are ALL ELECTRIC. Real-world electric range depends on driving habits, hills, etc. That means if work/school/shopping etc are under 5-7 miles each way this is virtually an Electric Car. After 14 miles All-Electric, the normal Prius Gas/Hybrid engine takes over at >48mpg.
Takes under 2.5 hours to fully charge from a regular 110v house plug, original charger included. Research "Prius Plugin" for extensive info and details.

Prius Plugins are very rarely sold by their owners. That is because they are amazingly versatile and reliable vehicles and owners covet them. If I lived in a less rural location I would be keeping it.
This is the second Gen 3 Prius Plugin I've owned: I put 40k miles on my last one and sold it with 212k miles still running like a top. These are GREAT cars.

I've also owned a 2004 Gen 2 Prius. If you buy a Gen 1 or 2 (pre-2010) Prius I guarantee you'll regret it. They are extremely unstable and noisy with the worst seats ever conceived. Starting in 2010, Gen 3s were redesigned completely and are stable, safe and comfortable on the highway; 10x better vehicles.

The car was previously owned by a flooring company. I found their "Floormasters" logo discrete and amusing so left it on the front doors. It's possible that the logo might be easily removed but I haven't bothered trying.

I live in Ironwood/Hurley at the stateline of U.P./WI., but am willing to deliver the car within 400 miles-ish including Duluth, Minneapolis, Madison, Milwaukee and Chicago, and in the Yooper to Sault St. Marie.

There are also direct flights from ORD & MSP TO IWD/Ironwood 6-days a week. If a buyer flies here I will gladly pickup at IWD airport (as necessary).


Thanks for your interest.

P.S. A serious consideration regarding ALL plugins, not just my own Prius:

ALL Plugin vehicles are built to function as ALL-ELECTRIC vehicles. That means they leave the factory with the necessary drive and control systems installed: the dedicated OEM plugin-battery is the ONLY factor limiting their all-electric range.
It is only common sense that advanced battery manufacturers will soon be producing LONG-RANGE REPLACEMENT BATTERIES which will easily drop-in to existing plugins, including the Prius.
In fact, a company already offers a drop-in upgrade for the 2010-14 Prius Plugin that increases its electric range from 14 to 25 miles, matching the newer and $$$ Prius Prime's electric range (check online: battery costs $1500).

CONCLUSION: within a few years, it is reasonable to expect an affordable drop-in replacement battery for the Prius Plugin that shall increase its all-electric range to... 100? 200? 500 miles?... WITHOUT any major mods to the vehicle, just swap-out the original 14-mile plugin battery!
This is inevitable.

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