19" Rack Mount CCTV Power Supply, 24VAC or 28VAC, 8 Outputs Altronix - $50 (GLENVIEW)

condition: new
make / manufacturer: Altronix
model name / number: R248UL

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19" Rack Mount CCTV Power Supply, 24VAC or 28VAC, 8 Outputs Altronix R248UL PSU

Altronix R248UL 19" Rack Mount CCTV Power Supply, 24VAC or 28VAC, 8 Outputs

The R248UL from Altronix is a CCTV AC Rack Mount 8 Output Power Supply that provides 24VAC distributed via eight (8) fuse protected power limited outputs for powering CCTV Cameras, heaters, and other video accessories. Features: Eight (8) fuse protected outputs Surge suppression AC power LED indicator Illuminated Power Disconnect Circuit Breaker with manual reset Unit maintains camera synchronization Removable terminal blocks with locking screw flange Ease of installation saves time and eliminates costly labor

The Altronix R248UL is a CCTV AC Rack Mount Power Supply unit designed for powering multiple devices in closed-circuit television (CCTV) and security systems. It offers several features that make it suitable for various applications within the security and surveillance industry. Here are the main features and intended use of the Altronix R248UL:

Main Features:

Multiple Outputs: The R248UL provides eight individual power outputs, making it suitable for powering multiple cameras, access control devices, or other security equipment from a single unit.

Rack-Mountable: It is designed to be mounted in standard 19-inch equipment racks, which is common in server rooms, data centers, and security system installations.

Power Output: The power supply delivers 24VAC output voltage, which is compatible with many CCTV cameras, access control systems, and other security devices.

Amperage: The unit offers a total current capacity of 8 Amps (8000mA) shared across its multiple outputs, allowing you to power a variety of devices simultaneously.

Individual Output Protection: Each of the eight outputs is typically protected with a built-in fuse to prevent damage in case of a short circuit or power surge.

LED Indicators: LED status indicators are included to provide visual confirmation of the power supply's operational status, making it easier to identify issues.

Built-In Surge Suppression: The R248UL often includes surge suppression to protect connected devices from voltage spikes and surges.

Reliability: Altronix is known for producing reliable and high-quality power supply units, and the R248UL is no exception.

Intended Use:

The Altronix R248UL is intended for use in various security and surveillance applications, including but not limited to:

CCTV Systems: It can power multiple surveillance cameras, video recorders, and related equipment in CCTV systems.

Access Control Systems: The power supply can provide power to access control devices such as card readers, door strikes, and magnetic locks.

Security Alarms: It is suitable for powering security system components like motion detectors, glass break sensors, and sirens.

Intercom Systems: The R248UL can power intercom systems, which are commonly used for visitor access control and communication.

Server Rooms and Data Centers: In addition to security applications, it is used in server rooms and data centers to provide power to equipment like servers, switches, and routers.

Industrial Applications: The power supply is also used in industrial settings to provide reliable power to various machinery and control systems.


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