Wedding Officiant (Lake County, IL/Chicago/ Wisconsin (Round Lake)

I would consider myself a very free-spirited person and love all people. I am an ordained certified (female) Minister with the Universal Life Church.

Are you in need of an ordained minister to officiate your wedding, baptize your child and or an adult wanting to be baptized and accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior, which can be done at a beautiful beach, lake, ocean, river, pool, any kind of body of water of your choosing. It could even be at your local church that you attend, and I can be the one to help you get baptized there also as God is all around us n matter where we are. As an Ordained Minister, I do respect all beliefs and walks of life, I welcome everyone with open arms. Some may have spiritual beliefs, Christian beliefs, no beliefs, or they may believe in mother nature and or Science beliefs that’s all very much ok as well, I do not discriminate anyone’s personal beliefs or people in general I love all people LOVE WINS ALL THE TIME!!!! Each person has the right to their own beliefs and how they choose to want to celebrate their special day and or to honor those that are no longer here with us.

I consider it a special honor to Officiate weddings and I do so with love, gratitude and enthusiasm. As an Ordained Minister. I welcome all walks of life because we all breathe and bleed the same way. I honor everyone the same and respect each and every person. Whether you choose a traditional, non-traditional or civil ceremony, whatever you may choose, I will enjoy helping you to create a unique wedding service and I will fully engage your guests as well. I am Hispanic also and am bilingual.

A little bit about me, I was born and raised in Chicago, I am now in the far northern section of Illinois but do travel wherever the events take me. I had a very horrific and dark upbringing that almost destroyed me as a young teen however I overcame that darkness and I am here today to be able to share with others that have ever felt alone and or as like in my case feeling they had no purpose or felt as I did like they should not be here or didn’t matter to anyone…YET God wasn’t having it, he did not let me go just yet. I did not realize it during those dark times but slowly as I grew up, started my own life and journeys, I started to see the darkness dwell away and the light shine through. NOT saying life was perfect thereafter, not even close but that’s ok. This is how we learn in this life we must fall sometimes to get our lives in order. This is where my beliefs come into play because I did accept Jesus and followed God. I read the Bible but always still felt lost and we are human we are allowed to feel this way, but we must also know and realize we are never alone and that we will conquer all the storms that come our way.

I am also an author, nothing famous ha-ha just 1 book that I wrote, published in 2008. It took me a while to do this, but I did get my story out there in hopes if I could maybe reach just 1 person in a similar situation, simply who felt lost or alone and they read my book and story that they would know they too can climb out of that darkness. Which brings me to the many whispers I kept hearing as I grew up and nudges. I kept feeling and I truly believe this was God guiding me to do the things I have done in my life until this very day. Once I had my daughter, at a young age she saved me and now I had a purpose and now a million years later I am a grandmother and a mother-in-law, and I could not be happier. So much in between all of that as most parents know happens, ha-ha, but me becoming a Certified Ordained Minister was always in the making for me. I never realized it way back then, but I always had a strong connection to people, I felt their hearts, they felt drawn to me to be able to share their feelings and or thoughts with me. It’s like almost feeling their souls and it’s a beautiful thing. God has called me to do this for as long as I could remember only life got in the way and being a single parent at that time it was hard to think about anything else and I tended to put myself aside as my daughter and all transpiring at that time was always my priority before anything I could even think about doing for myself and or others at that point in my life, however, I always helped people anyway I could and now I do this for a living which I am beyond grateful. And even as a Christian myself, I respect I HIGHLY Respect all walks of life and all beliefs because each person has a purpose in this life... each person makes their own decision and has their very own beliefs & stories, journeys & struggles. I have friends of all kinds of backgrounds and lifestyles that I love so very much… no matter what your choices are LOVE IS LOVE and that to me is the most beautiful thing in this life we live in, to share with one another hearts as one.

If I am asked to pray with someone and they are Christian then of course I will do so and if they choose not to incorporate anything religious in their ceremonies, I respect that and conduct the services to their choosing, their liking, their lifestyle and their beliefs. I love everyone the same! I am simply, honored to be able to be a part of this amazing and beautiful event and for the couples to trust me to bring them as 1 as they take their vows and I make it official for them my marrying them and or trust me with the loss of their loved one to console and try to calm all of those that are mourning and or those that are wanting to renew their hearts by getting baptized. I am so very humbled and honored indeed.

As an Ordained Ministress, I can minister to the couples getting ready to begin their beautiful journeys as 1 and or for those that are mourning a loss I can Minister at a funeral. I am dedicated to helping you celebrate life's most important moments in a meaningful and personal way.

I can work with you to create a ceremony that reflects your beliefs and values. I am happy to accommodate any special requests you may have.

I do ministry counseling that simply stems from life experience as a certified Ordained Minister. I can be there for your needs when needed and or with the couples upon request. It can indeed be a scary journey but a beautiful scary journey with 2 souls coming as one forever more. The love that both hearts have shared is what brought them here today to want to take those vows and that’s a beautiful journey that I love to share with the couples. Then there is the grim reality that we will all take that final walk one day. We all have loved someone that we have lost, if you have not then please prepare your heart for when that day does happen. This is a short life we live, and we do the best we can each and every day, this is all we can do while we are here. But the reality is, that we will all perish one day, but we have the gift of today and if we are lucky to wake tomorrow then we celebrate that day and try to be better today and tomorrow than yesterday. The clock keeps ticking and so do we. What is the purpose of living in the past not saying all things should be forgotten but think about where you are at now in your life if you have had struggles and know you overcame those struggles and that you found that love, THEN YOU WON that race and that is something to be proud of my dear friends.

I do ministry counseling as needed for when a loved one has passed and am a speaker for funeral services as well. Yes, it’s a very sad event and we mourn, and we feel pain for our loss. Each person indeed will mourn in their very own way and that’s ok, there is no right way to do so. We each deal with it in our own way, but also we take this time as we come together to say our goodbyes and reflect on their lives, their legacy if there were those, their accomplishments, sadly many do leave us much earlier than they should but it’s not our calling, but we do cherish each moment we did have with our loved ones when they were with us and we remember that forever and that will stay alive in our hearts forever more….. but it’s a beautiful time, yet yes sad and painful of course, yes of course it is, but we do try to celebrate those we loved so dearly and celebrate the life they lived whether a short one or a lifelong life as we all hope we will get while we are still here in this life. I try to comfort families and friends during this time. I will sit with the family so then I too can get to know this beautiful person that has taken their walk and is now resting. SO, when I do speak on behalf of the family and their dearly departed, I can represent the person they were before all who came to say their goodbyes before others come up to speak…. it’s very sad and hurts so much to go through a loss but our loved ones would never want us to suffer or feel pain and all does take time and the healing takes time OMG that indeed takes time, but this day is indeed in Memory of this precious person and their life and all the lives and hearts that they touched, and I’m so honored and blessed as well to be a part of this.

Baptisms are a renewal of one’s life to celebrate their renewed heart and their new journey within their souls and hearts and I’m so very truly honored to be a part of this and bring this person into the light as they renew their heart it’s such a beautiful process to be a part of.

I love to get to know the couples that I’m marrying so I can incorporate their journeys once I speak before all those that are there to witness them taking their views, I’m sure there were struggles along the way and possibly there still may be and life may throw a few more curve balls. But together all can be conquered you are now a team, team love.

I also do the renewal of vows another beautiful event to show the growing story of the lives already shared with one another for the years married, all the journeys in their lives, all they have already fully conquered together as they want to renew their vows because of how strong that love is and how its only growing with each day throughout all the years and they want to now share this with their children who may be grown now but were not their originally when mom and dad did get married and now they can see their mom and dad take their loving vows again and or for their grandkids to experience as well or simply because they love each other that much that they want to take their vows again to show one another, simply any reason for this is a beautiful one indeed.

It is my honor to be able to participate and share this moment with the couples renewing their vows to hear their beautiful stories and almost relive it all again with them, it’s so very special. Then to hear the couples tell one another about all their beautiful journeys and how amazing their life has been with one another again I am sure with struggles but nonetheless with all the love in the world that kept them strong always and they will tell one another in their own ways how they want to always continue the rest of the walk of life with one another it’s so very magical.

Everyone has their own unique way of celebrating their special day and everyone has their very own story of life. In working closely with the couples, I love to hear all the stories of how the 2 came about to want to take this amazing walk of forever with one another and then of course the next chapter that we will all face in of our lives, that final walk we all will one day take when our time has come to say good bye as hurtful as that is we also know that we must respect the one we are saying goodbye to as much pain as is within us to move on because of that love we carried we will always have those memories embedded inside of our minds and hearts forever until our very last breath as well. But sometimes we do need someone to be there for us and pray with us and or simply talk to us and listen to our needs, especially someone as myself who has been there and not only have ministered to many during their loss but as well have lost many in my own life that I have loved so very much and know that pain. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your beautiful life and your special days.

Contact me today to learn more about my services and how I can help you celebrate your new life to be and or celebrate the life of a loved one and or to renew your heart and soul.

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