Sound deadening for cars, Trucks, SUVs - $50 (ROUND LAKE)

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Valley View Drive near Nippersink
condition: new
make / manufacturer: Noico
size / dimensions: 29" x 20"
This is Noico Mat Sound Deadening Material. I have 6-1/2 (six whole and one half) sheets (a Sheet is 29" x 20"). I used 5 sheets to line the insides of my Toyota RAV4 doors, and it works amazing to reduce road noise. A buddy of mine said I turned my Toyota into a Lexus LOL! The 6-1/2 sheets should be enough to deaden the sound inside 4 doors, and possibly another section of your vehicle's cabin (floor? roof?)

From the manufacturer:

Noico 50 mil is full weighted sound deadening material! Vibro-dampening layer is a composition of butyl and different improvers. These items should be used in the correct proportions so the maximum efficiency is achieved. The optimal weight of 50 mil material is minimum of 0.5 lbs/1 sqft. Different weight of the material may affect the physical properties thus decreasing the performance. Noico 50 mil has an adequate level of adhesion! Noico is easy to install, cuts easily and overall is a user-friendly soundproofing material.

Noico really works! The material eliminates vibrations, reduces the general noise level and rattles of the vehicle allowing for higher comfort. Noico 50 mil also improves a quality of your sound system. It acts as insulation.

- Please use the gloves for your hands protection when working with material.
- Correct installation of material is 50% of success in the process of soundproofing your car. Carefully pre-roll a material to the surface that was priorly degreased. Special embossing on the foil is made for convenience of installation so you can see the areas that are rolled properly and those one that need more thorough rolling.

Basically, you use scissors to cut pieces to fit sections on the inside of your car doors - You apply it to the inside of the door "skin". It's very sticky - like tar. Once you place it, you roll it in place to make sure there are no air pockets. Pretty simple.

$50 is a bargain to reduce road noise in your car, SUV or truck. It's about half the price of Dynamat.

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