maak plasing gnstling $27500 Lake Petenwell WI Lot #59 3.4 acres w/peir PRICE REDUCED $29,500 (N14619 Porter Rd, Armenia, WI) verskuil hierdie plasing maak sigbaar

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N14619 Porter Rd,


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I am the owner of this parcel and am sharing my realtor's information.

This is a beautiful 3.4 acre, secluded lot with a 12 x 24 garage/boat house. The unique and beautiful lot is well maintained with several walking trails. The interior of the lot has an open building site that is surrounded by trees. You cannot see the road, or anything other than nature, from the interior of this lot. The lot has a great mix of foliage including old growth Oak/maple/etc and plantation pines. Access to lake Petenwell is easy. Long View Point has a great beach area and a boat launch within easy walking distance of this lot. $35,000

We are selling as we are preparing to move south.

N14619 Porter Rd, Armenia, WI 54457 More details:
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