MFSL UltraDisc ll (gold disc) - very rare early sampler

condition: new
media type: cd
MFSL UltraDisc ll (gold disc) - 'very' rare early sampler

MFSL - SPCD 017 - UltraDisc ll (gold disc)
- Anniversary Sampler
- 20th Anniversary of Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab - (1977 to 1997)
- 50th Anniversary of Audio Magazine - (1947 to 1997)

- this title represents a collector's paradise -


- I may be mistaken, but I believe this was the first UltraDisk ll (gold disc) release by Mobile Fidelity (MFSL) - very rare - (still original factory sealed) - if I'm correct, this was originally an limited offering (offered only by Audio Magazine) either along with the issue or by sending in for it’ although looks like it was attached to the magazine at the time - I don't know how available this is/was, but I expect it's very rare - I never got around to opening it, so it's still sealed - obviously)!

- following up :: reading the information included on the back of the release - this is far more unique than I thought - it seemingly represents a compilation of many titles, that far as I know, might not of ever been released that were acquired from uniquely different labels - you’ll have to do your own research to verify one way or another; and it now seems that it was definitely a unique offering by Audio Magazine and MFSL - I'm actually tempted to open it and play it - time will tell whether I do or not

- regarding the selections (tracks) available - simply read the back credits on the disc in my included photographs - when I have more time - I'll actually type them out here for everyones convenience

If interested - please contact me at your convenience, and I make every attempt to respond properly, but bear with me if I don't - I'll do my best

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