1812 Classic Head Large Cent -- VERY SCARCE COIN! - $379 (Bolingbrook)

1812 Classic Head Large Cent -- VERY SCARCE COIN! 1 thumbnail1812 Classic Head Large Cent -- VERY SCARCE COIN! 2 thumbnail
For sale is a very cool 1812 Classic Head Large Cent. The Classic Head Large Cent was minted for a very short time between 1808 to 1814, and not many survived because they were so heavily circulated and a great majority were melted down for the copper in preceding wars. They had a very small mintage of just over one million coins, so with so many melted and for being 211 years old there's no telling how many are left out there! There were a two different varieties of the 1812: the large and small date varieties. This coin is the "small date" variety. And when you find them in decent mid-grades like this coin it increases its rarity exponentially. In fact with each grade you go up past VG the values almost doubles each grade!

As you can see from the pics the coin is in really nice shape, and it would come in at an decent F grade, which is very tough to find these coins in because they were so heavily circulated. All features on the coin, including the date, lettering, and hairlines on the bust are nice and bold, every letter in LIBERTY are present and bold as well, which is the first thing to wear down on these coins. The coin has no major damage and has not been cleaned, but its biggest flaw is it does have some minor environmental exposure to it, which is very typical with pure copper coins this old. I did reduce the price of the coin nicely due to the exposure, otherwise it would be priced MUCH higher.

This is an amazing find for any rare coin collection out there--and a coin that was minted just 13 years after George Washington's death! Please email me with questions or interest. Thanks!

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