6/12: Beverly-Roosevelt Stamp club Auction (Alsip)

Pulaski near 116th

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venue: Worth Township Hall
Joining a stamp club has many advantages.
It has been said that stamp collecting is a hobby that lends itself well to being a solitary undertaking. I suppose that is correct if you tend to be a loner. If you want to approach stamp collecting basically alone, you'll miss much of the fun and the knowledge that the hobby provides.
For one, if you were a member of the Beverly-Roosevelt Stamp Club here in Alsip, IL, you would see how other stamp collectors approach the hobby. Maybe some are topical collectors who collect subjects rather than countries.
Perhaps they collect specific countries or areas of the world. Many collect only the United States, a country with many beautiful and meaningful stamps that generally tell the history of the nation well.
Memberships advantages:
In a stamp club you see what others collect and how they collect it. You get ideas and most of all you get helpful advice from your fellow stamp collectors. Many members of the Beverly-Roosevelt Stamp Club help each other with everything from the procurement of the stamps to helping order supplies needed to put stamps in an album or other fitting display units.
Some of our members bring stamps and even supplies to meetings to sell. The degree to which members help each other would amaze you. It seems to go with the hobby and be unique to the hobby.

Our Club is looking to expand membership. All are welcome to attend and join in.

Worth Township Hall 11601 S. Pulaski. Alsip, IL (Office entrance on 116th Place, Southside of building. Ring bell to be let in).
Stamp club Auction June 12th
2024 viewing 1:00 pm gravel @2:00pm

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