Husqvarna R 322T AWD Ridding Mower - $3,800 (Oswego)

condition: excellent
make / manufacturer: Husqvarna
model name / number: R 3227
For the amount above you get a Husqvarna R 322T AWD with a 102 cm Combi Deck (mulch) is a versatile ride-on mower featuring a 102 cm (approximately 40 inches) wide cutting deck. This "Combi" deck offers two cutting methods: mulching (BioClip®) and rear discharge, providing flexibility based on lawn conditions and user preference. Along with the mower you get a pull behind leaf sweeper, a pull behind wagon that can dump and a brand new still in the box snow plow.

If you go on YOUTUBE you can see the versatility this All Wheel Drive machine can do. Below I listed other attachments that can be purchased for the front as well as the back hitch.

### Front Attachments

When the 102 cm Combi Deck is removed, the following attachments can be connected to the front of the Husqvarna AWD R322T:

1. **Snow Thrower**: Ideal for clearing snow from driveways and pathways during winter.
2. **Brush/Broom**: Useful for sweeping leaves, debris, and light snow from driveways, patios, and other surfaces.
3. **Dozer Blade**: Can be used for light-duty grading, leveling, and clearing snow.
4. **Moss Rake**: Helps in removing moss and thatch from the lawn, promoting healthier grass growth.
5. **Scarifier**: Aerates the soil to improve water and nutrient absorption, beneficial for lawn health.

### Rear Hitch Attachments

The rear hitch of the Husqvarna AWD R322T can accommodate various attachments to enhance its functionality, including:

1. **Trailer**: Allows for transporting garden materials, tools, and other items around your property.
2. **Spreader**: Useful for spreading fertilizer, seed, sand, or salt.
3. **Sweeper**: Collects leaves, grass clippings, and other debris from the lawn.
4. **Dethatcher**: Helps to remove thatch and moss, promoting a healthier lawn.
5. **Tow-Behind Aerator**: Used to aerate the soil, improving water and nutrient absorption for better lawn health.

These attachments make the Husqvarna AWD R322T a highly adaptable and multifunctional machine suitable for a variety of tasks throughout the year.

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