New Progressive Rock/Metal Band Seeks Drummer (and other musicians!) (Wheaton)

I formed this band a couple months ago. I'm the main songwriter and have nearly a dozen songs in the works.

I'm looking for any musicians interested in something different. I'm not trying to be the next Dream Theater, Opeth, Rush, Tool, etc. They are great bands who created their own sound, and I'm looking to do the same.

Maybe that means drawing from different types of metal, maybe it means drawing from rock, blues or jazz. Sometimes there's even some folk in there.

I draw from a lot, but my main influences are Frank Zappa, Megadeth, some Japanese Rock, Stevie Wonder, Watchtower, Coroner, Atheist, Yes, Rancid, Operation Ivy, Jethro Tull

The music isn't too complicated, but it's weird. There's lots of odd rhythms and odd meters, like 6/8 7/8 9/8 11/8 13/8 5/4 7/4 etc, there's modes and some exotic scales.

Of course we have simpler material as well. I'm never aiming to be weird for the sake of weird, it just happens when I write what's in my head.

The vocals will probably be clean, but we may throw in some harsh or more dirty vocals as well.

Right now the lineup is myself as bassist and maybe singer/flute/mandolin and a guitarist/singer who might play some keys.

We have a drummer but he's been kind of flaky lately.

I have career aspirations so this is not my full time job, but we are quite serious, not just a garage jam band.

We meet once a week, Sundays or sometimes Mondays.

We're looking to record an EP of about 5 songs, and gig once. maybe twice a month and take it from there.

Would love to do some music videos and lots of social media posts and promotions.

We are early-mid twenties and would prefer you be as well, but I'd have some leniency based on how good a fit you are.

To sum it up, I'm looking for guitarists, keyboardists, woodwind players, violinists, singers or potentially a drummer who are passionate about music and looking to create something new.

If interested email some samples and we can take it from there.

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