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legg innlegget til favoritter 2018 garden? I'm ready. Need female gardeners. Cooks clean. (Nw in) skjul innlegg vis

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I am seeking female gardeners, cookers, and cleaners.
I love to garden and want to grow one by April may 2018.
I used to grow them in the 1990's. I went to college in the 2000's.
Tragedy struck. I started growing them, since 2008, until present.
I have many pictures of my gardens, from 2008 until present, if you would like to see. I have compiled tons of the pictures, into videos, likewise. They used to be on youtube.

I am ready to go for the 2018 garden, because I have purchased my seeds already, and I have some plots.
I would like to have people that can till, and create watering systems, make-shift, if needed.
I would like to try the aquaponics, hydro, and woodchips methods.

I do need a better plot of land, larger garden plots with perfect soil, if you know anywhere, that are not mentally retarded, as most,
majority of all peoples are in chicago-land, and beyond.
Contact me at:

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